We Communicate


At Urban Ecology in Action, our passion for building better cities where people and nature co-exist, inspires us to share cutting-edge knowledge, ideas and advice with engaged and interested audiences.

We seek to communicate our expertise and research findings to drive action towards the creation of cities for people and biodiversity.

We offer workshops, presentations, site walk & talks, training events, plus other group activities that share practical knowledge and advice.

In short, by engaging and inviting many people to contribute and build capabilities with us, we aim to create cities that are more sustainable, resilient and enjoyable places for people and nature to co-exist.


  • workshops – we offer a range of existing and tailor-made workshops where you can experience the urban ecology conversation and discover how it can add value to your projects
  • presentations – we regularly present our work at various forums. Contact us to find out what’s coming up.
  • site walk & talks – unstructured conversations are often a great way to begin an urban ecology journey, especially when topics are prompted when walking through real landscapes. Contact us to register your interest.
  • training events – we offer a range a range of existing and customised training events. Contact us to discuss your training needs.
  • knowledge sharing – we believe that knowledge sharing and open discussions are critical for accelerating impact and addressing major environmental challenges. Let us know if there is something you want to share

To find out how urban ecology knowledge could add value to your work, GET IN TOUCH TODAY