We Collaborate


Urban Ecology in Action have extensive experience working with professionals from a broad range of disciplines. This includes local and state government, built environment professionals, development, industry, and other organisations.

We collaborate with your organisation to deliver innovative solutions to the ecological needs of your landscape design, management and building projects.

Knowledge only makes a difference when applied.

Our urban ecology knowledge and practical skills will help you create innovative and strategic approaches to your current practices, plus add a point of difference to your unique project.

Further, we have strong connections to leading academic researchers in urban ecology from around the world. We draw on cutting-edge knowledge to bridge the gap between research and practice.

Ideally, our priority is to maximise beneficial outcomes, for our people and planet, by integrating biodiversity and ecology into your design or development project.


  • planning – incorporating biodiversity and ecological assets into strategic planning, environmental planning, landscape planning, statutory planning
  • design – incorporating ecological principles, urban context and biodiversity into landscape architecture, urban design, concept plans, master plans, design guidelines
  • management – managing biodiversity in urban environments, reducing impacts of urban environments, mimicking natural disturbance regimes, including OH&S, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), maintenance contracts
  • frameworks – developing structures and processes to incorporate and support biodiversity and ecological assets in urban landscapes
  • strategy & insights – creating blueprints and action plans to protect, support and integrate ecology and biodiversity into sustainable, resilient and integrated future landscape