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Biodiversity Audits

Consultations & Biodiversity Audits

An essential first step on the urban ecology journey is knowing where your ecological assets (i.e. habitats, vegetation, soils and water habitats) occur, and which species they support.

Urban Ecology in Action offer consulting services to accurately map, evaluate and monitor the biodiversity and ecosystems present in your landscape.

We provide expert audits, reviews, monitoring, evaluations, recommendations and more.

A best-fit biodiversity action plan for your building projects

We use our knowledge and expertise to help you build healthier, more sustainable and resilient cities and towns. This information is critical to plan and manage urban areas in the face of changing climates and increasing human populations.

Furthermore, we have strong affinities with ‘Caring for Country’ in an urban context . We’re continually strengthening our Indigenous land management connections to help us address and support future efforts on this important front.

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  • audits – quantify and map ecological assets, threats and opportunities
  • reviews – provide expert feedback to guide beyond best-practice actions and projects
  • monitoring – compare conditions over time to determine the impact of your actions
  • evaluations – determine likely impacts and outcomes to inform actions
  • recommendations – develop biodiversity action plans to deliver positive outcomes

Key Past Projects

Knox Wildlife Conservation and Connectivity Report – Knox City Council
Quantified landscape connectivity for wildlife to inform Strategic Planning, inform on-ground actions and guide future investments.
Project Partners: Ecology & Infrastructure International, EcoAerial
Urban Ecology and Biodiversity Report – The City of Melbourne
Reference document providing structure and evidence base for the development of subsequent Nature in the City Strategy
Project partner: Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE), Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Characterising the patterns of landscape fragmentation in Singapore – National Parks Board, Singapore
Quantified landscape fragmentation across Singapore and outlined defragmentation options.
Project partner: Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE), Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

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Useful Resources

For an example of the Rapid assessment method for quantifying vegetation structural complexity download a copy of the Action Pack

To find out about invertebrates in open space within the City of Melbourne see The little things that run the city

Interested in the City of Melbourne’s approach to supporting people, ecology and biodiversity Nature in the City Strategy

Find out more about our building project collaborations and how we communicate knowledge and advice.