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About Us

Amy K Hahs, Ph.D. / Director & Founder of Urban Ecology in Action

Dr Amy Hahs is an urban ecologist with an established research career investigating how urban landscapes impact the local ecology. Now, as a specialist consultant, Amy works on a diverse range of building projects to develop green, healthy cities and towns, and conserve resilient ecosystems where we live and work.

From small development projects, such as roadside planting audits and local parks, to largescale metropolitan infrastructure projects, such as building sub-city tunnels and planning development precincts, Amy’s expert skills, deep knowledge and strong industry connections ensure a sustainable strategy will be developed to expand biodiversity in—and add value to—your important urban environments.
Since 1999, Amy has written and co-authored over 100 academic articles and delivered more than 70 talks, lectures and interviews to Australian and international audiences.

In addition to her consultancy work, Amy holds honorary and advisory positions on several scientific boards, and reviews research papers for over 15 specialist journals in the fields of urban ecology, biodiversity, conservation and environment.

Standing as a highly-valued leader in urban ecology research and biodiversity planning, Amy co-organises numerous scientific conferences and workshops for academic and professional participants from around the world.

A passionate knowledgeable presenter on all aspects of urban ecology, Amy enjoys sharing her discoveries and the latest research relating to how urban areas change over space and time, and how plant and animal communities respond to living in these urban landscapes.

Amy is based in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia where she lives with her husband, their two growing children, and a variety of birds, bats, possums, frogs, insects and other critters that also call their neighbourhood ‘home’. Locally, Amy rarely misses an opportunity to join her community in activities that involve healthy living, getting outdoors and enjoying nature.

“I strongly believe that the most sustainable, resilient and liveable cities of the future will emerge from the cities that proactively add biodiversity and ecology considerations to their business as usual.”

Our Project Partners

Our Associations

Urban Ecology in Action is proud to be a member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA). ISCA is the peak industry body for advancing and setting the industry standards in sustainability in infrastructure. Its mission is to Improve the productivity & liveability of industry & communities through sustainability in infrastructure.