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Creating Cities For People And Biodiversity

We Help Make Every Action Count

Welcome to urban Ecology in Action

Did you know that less than 3% of the earth’s surface is urban, yet these cities and towns have a disproportionate impact on the planet?
It’s vital we take steps to create liveable cities for people and biodiversity, now…

Urban Ecology in Action help you make EVERY action count.


  • At Urban Ecology in Action, we help you rethink how to integrate ecology within your built environment, infrastructure, streetscapes, energy consumption, food production, water use and so on.
  • We readily consult, collaborate and communicate with government, agencies, organisations and industry to deliver win-win biodiversity outcomes that build better cities—for now and for the future.

Our mission is to create healthy biodiverse cities for you, your family and friends to live in and enjoy.

Urban Ecology in Action apply expert knowledge and strategic research to guide and direct urban planning and design projects for positive biodiversity impacts. These include:

  • Improving climate conditions and water systems, while reducing noise pollution, light pollution, air pollution, and more, with eco-sensitive urban designs
  • Creating sustainable and resilient urban ecosystems for both humans and nature to
  • Enhancing human health through opportunities to be active, enjoy nature, connect with others, and produce healthy food in your urban centre
  • Upholding your city’s unique and significant natural and cultural heritage – to instil a strong ‘sense of place’ and community for your local people and visitors to your town.

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Meet the Urban Ecology in Action team

Say hello to Dr Amy Hahs – Director of Urban Ecology in Action

I strongly believe that the most sustainable, resilient and liveable cities of the future will emerge from the cities that proactively add biodiversity and ecology considerations to their business as usual.

Amy Hahs Ph.D. is an urban ecologist with an established research career investigating how urban landscapes impact the local ecology. Now, as a specialist consultant, Amy works on a diverse range of building projects that develop green, healthy cities and towns, and conserve resilient ecosystems where we live and work.

Introducing our Project Partners

Urban Ecology in Action regularly form consortia with other consulting groups and partner with specialist organisations. Together, we deliver tailored solutions and exceptional outcomes for our clients.



Our dedicated consultants and specialist partners work with us to provide high-quality realistic urban ecology advice. In short, we help you understand how plants, animals, people and the environment respond to urbanisation, and how you can promote biodiversity in your city or town.

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Is your organisation seeking to better understand…

  • urban environments and the impact of urbanisation?
  • biodiversity responses to urbanisation and urban adaptation?
  • how to create urban landscapes that promote diverse species survival?

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